It’s been awhile since I don’t post anything. Crazy times, you know …

Although nowadays everything is so dynamic, I’d like to talk a bit about career and the bad thing about jumping from company to company within short periods.

These are different times. Some years ago a successful career was the one where you worked the whole active life in one company and get recognized by that.

Nowadays we live in the information era, everything is more accessible. I live in Brazil and work for a Netherlands’ company. Lot’s of companies across the world are looking for developers no…

Warning, this post is polemic, but it has content that MUST be discussed.

Have you ever had to give maintenance to legacy code? Do you also want to cry when you see “that kind” of code? :D On today’s post we’ll talk about the art of over engineering.

When we talk about legacy code people usually get scared, and many times with reason.

Code not covered by automated tests

Whenever I have to maintain some legacy project, the first thing I look at are the tests. Automated tests are usually a documentation of the written code, so looking at the tests we can have an idea…

How many times you, as a developer, felt overwhelmed by having many tasks and responsibilities on the company you work on?

On today’s post we’ll discuss about being overwhelmed, the power of saying “No” and how to keep your mind sane.

When is it good to get responsibilities?

Bringing responsibilities to yourself is a good thing for a developer. By doing this you will stand out and the opportunities will start to pop up for you.

It’s normal that, once you are evolving as a developer/it professional in general, new opportunities appear for you and I really encourage you to take these opportunities to grow in your…

Are you sure you’re a senior professional? Which developer or professional of any other area never asked yourself “Am I a senior professional”?

We never know which level of seniority we are. But, what is seniority? On this post I’ll talk a bit more about this subject and tell a bit how I think a senior professional must be.

What is it to be a senior professional?

I’ve participated on many projects and on these I could see many situations where I questioned why some people are considered senior. Is it because of the time of experience? Is it because of the knowledge?

Some people say it is…

Covid-19 is the hot topic in 2020. I’ve been reading about the impacts on the economy and on the companies. As we know, there are a lot of bad things about covid-19 — deaths, unemployment, economy collapse, people lonely, depression, etc.

But we need to see the good part of this pandemic. I know it’s hard to see a good side, however there are good lessons we’re learning. Today we’ll discuss a bit about the lessons companies learned from covid-19.

Innovation with digital products

Many times we think that only certain sectors of the economy can work with digital products, but during this pandemic…

There are a few things that could help the life of the ones that are starting their IT career.

Note that I said help, not make it easier. There is no easy path to succeed on this field, you need to study, share knowledge, study more, exercise soft skills and many other things

Below are 5 tips that will guide you to the success path.

Stay close to your mentors

Probably you are working closely to very good people, but also with people that is not very helpful. You need to identify the ones that can really help you.

Choose your mentor and stay close…

Now at the beginning of 2020 the home office became even more popular with the pandemic of covid-19.

I’ve spoken with a lot of friends that also work on IT and they’re having some trouble with home office, then I decided to write this post to talk about these problems and to suggest things.

In the past 13 years, I’ve worked a lot of time in home office mode. So I’ve been through all these problems and this post have some answers for developers and team leaders.

Take a break

Whenever you work from the office, you usually “work” 8~9 hours a day…

Some time ago I presented a talk about API Design and its basics. As it was presented to small group of people, I decided to write a post about it.

Why should I care?

First of all, your API is the front door of your company. If you expose your API externally, it should be safe, have a well designed contract and all the points that will be better explained below. Even if you don’t expose it externally, you probably have internal applications that must consume it, if things are not ok, you’re gonna run into problems.

Companies earn money…

In the past few years I’ve been working and studying RESTful APIs, and I have seen some common mistakes in different projects and forums, then I decided to write this post based on some experiences and on stuff I read.
Here are some anti-patterns, their explanation and examples.

URI not very RESTful

Your URI does not explain whats going on, simple like that.

RESTful APIs are about resources, when we’re building our URIs, we need to tell a story about that resource, looking at the URI the consumer must understand all about the given resource, where it came from, which is its identifier, which…

Learning is always a challenge, even if you are already experienced. Today we’ll talk a bit more about the learning process.

I have already helped some developers to learn and grow their careers, in other hand, I had help from good developers/architects to learn a lot and get in a good position.

Practice vs Theory

Which one is more important, practice or theory? There are lots of people whose brains only learn by practicing, is that true? Yes … and no :)

Different people learn in different ways. Some are visual, others need practice, others prefer to watch a video, others need to…

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