REST anti-patterns

URI not very RESTful

  • POST /accounts/create
  • POST /createAccount
  • POST /accounts

Using wrong HTTP methods

  • GET — Retrieve records
  • POST — Create records
  • PUT — Update whole records
  • PATCH — Update pieces of records
  • DELETE — Delete records
  • OPTIONS — Discover options for a resource
  • HEAD — Retrieve headers of a resource or resources
  • POST /accounts/4402278/delete
  • POST /deleteAccount?accountNumber=4402278
  • DELETE /accounts/4402278

Hurting Idempotency

  • Idempotent methods: GET, PUT, OPTIONS
  • Non Idempotent methods: POST
  • The accounts will not be deleted many times … thinking this way it is idempotent
  • The second time the resource will not be found and should return a 404 Not found, this way it’s not idempotent anymore

Ignoring status codes

  • GET /accounts/123456 (and there is no matching record) response: HTTP status 200 (ok) with a body saying it’s not found.
  • GET /accounts/123456 (and there is no matching record) response: HTTP status 404 (not found)

HTTP status codes

Ignoring caching

Ignoring hypermedia


  • Consumers interact with an application through hypermedia provided dynamically by the API
  • Current state of the application is defined by your data and the links on your payloads.
  • Consumers must have a generic understanding of hypermedia.
  • Allows the server functionality to evolve independently.
  • Interaction is driven by hypermedia, rather than out-of-band information.
"accounts": [
"accountNumber": "4502278",
"balance": 100.00,
"links": [
{"rel": "deposit", href: "/account/4502278/deposit"},
{"rel": "withdraw", href: "/account/4502278/withdraw"},
{"rel": "transfer", href: "/account/4502278/transfer"},
{"rel": "close", href: "/account/4502278/close"}
"accounts": [
"accountNumber": "4502278",
"balance": -60.55,
"links": [
{"rel": "deposit", href: "/account/4502278/deposit"}

Confusing REST with RPC

  • POST /accounts/4402278/close
  • POST /_closeAccount?accountNumber=4402278

Ignoring MIME types


  • Be coherent
  • Require headers
  • Use Standards (example json api)
  • Build well designed URIs
  • Return coherent status codes
  • Use correct HTTP methods
  • Care about idempotency
  • Think about the semantic of the URIs




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